4 Reasons to travel to India

Travelling to India, though has many cautious sides to it, has a lot of advantages to any human being born on earth. Due to the media propaganda regarding the poverty, pollution, noise and risk factors Indian tours raise a question and doubt that whether it is necessary to travel to India. This article explains about the reasons of travelling in India.

People and Culture

Glimpse of Indian culture

Indian population is more than 1.35 billion and is soon to overtake China within few years. The land area of India among the total world level is 2.4 percent and the population with respect to the global level it is 15 percent. Hence people here literally grow up on others due to the tight space and hence Indians are naturally tolerant.

India has a glorious past. The civilizations, the kings and kingdoms of the past were advanced in all aspects. They were mentally matured, spiritually fulfilled and intellectually far developed than the present Indian people. Abundant knowledge, faith, beliefs, habits and food were passed on from generation to generation as the greatest treasures.


landscape Mumbai

This is the greatest attraction for any tourist to visit India. The geography and the diverse landscape having endless contrasts inspire any traveler to visit India. It is a land with every type of physical features of earth is well exhibited. High mountains, low valleys, beautiful lush green forests, dreary deserts, vast stretch of plains, hills, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, islands and plateaus everything is there to enjoy thoroughly.

Mother Nature has bestowed generously the beauty to India that there is no limit for places with stunning natural sceneries. Mingled with beauty, there are thrill and mystery in the life style of Indians that foreign people cannot easily understand it in its true sense.

Sights and attractions

North Indian sights attractions

More than thousand years of glorious and rich history has made India a land with wonderful monuments, palaces, forts, museums, buildings, temples, caves, carvings and historic places. A tourist who understands India and has widely travelled it across the length and breadth of it cannot but wonder and cherish the moments in India.

From the most beautiful Taj Mahal to the massive Jodhpur fort, from the floating palace to the exotic rat temple, the visitor has no choice but to revel on the fascinating and innovating attractions of India. After visiting these with just a small trip on the bus will take him to the fantastic cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora.

What is there on the printed versions is only very little. Actually numerous places, that are not covered by the books, carry wonders with them in India just like that. Each village has something to offer to the human being and to the next generation to preserve.

Travelling to India must be done in a more relaxed manner since it will take numerous trips to cover the most important things and to understand the people and their background.


Again Indian food has different varieties in it reflecting the various regional specialties. In general foreign people whoever thinks of Indian food will think of a spicy and hot food. The varieties are so many that each and every family will differ with their way of cooking. They have a unique style and taste to follow. Mothers will hand over the taste of the family specialty to their daughters like an asset to preserve for the next generation.

Moreover, Indian food is very much health oriented food. Their ingredients and their way of preparation equal medicinal preparation. Indian food is good for the Indian people. People once tasted good Indian food will never forget that taste.

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