Best Backpacking Destinations in India

Backpacking is the cheapest form of traveling and is suitable for those who want to spend longer period in foreign countries in order to fulfill various purposes. For the first time visitors of India backpacking is really a challenging affair. So to avoid the pitfalls and the risks and to enjoy the most, travelers to India need to do thorough research and planning before venturing in the adventure.

As a bit of advice, many backpacking packages that prevail in India are inadequate and out of date. Some may even misguide you. So do not be ignorant of the country and do not entirely depend on the ready-made packages.

Backpacking Destination of South India

  • Hampi: The most spectacular relics of history providing you lots of mystery and a sense of awe and pleasure on seeing the beautiful architectural ruins of Sasivekalu ganeshatemple HampiVijayanagar Empire. The entire city, once the capital of popular Vijayanagar Empire, was now at ruins in Karnataka. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.


  • Palolem:  One of the best beaches of Goa in India offers complete relaxation combined with life throbbing parties. This beach is in the shape of the crescent moon.  The villages nearby are the best places to stay and live a life in Indian style without any rush and hush of the city culture.
  • Munnar: The greenery and the scenery of Munnar in Kerala of India will dazzle
    Munnar Hill

    Munnar Hill

    any tourist making them wish to settle there permanently.  An ideal hill station for backpacking, it provides you the opportunity to discover and enjoy beauty as well as the nature in a pleasant manner. You can do fishing, go for walking, jogging, cycling, boating, para-gliding and simply sit and relax.

  • Mysore: This is a little charming city in Karnataka. The grand Mysore palace, the zoo, museum and ‘brindavan’ gardens are the attractions of this city. Though this place fits in the definition of a city, it lacks the tension and busy routine lifestyle of modern world.  Anyone who has lived in this city for sometime can understand what Mysore offers a person. Life here is a calm, relaxed one and to explain in a nutshell Mysore is a real village posing as a city.

Backpacking Destination of North India

  • Jaipur: This pink city of the Rajasthan desert is the gateway of Rajasthan. It is also the shopping Mecca of North India. This city is full with fantastic forts and the monkey palace is the main attraction. Jaipur is a colorful city depicting Indian culture in all its aspects. You can witness elephants, camels, gems and jewels.
  • Darjeeling: This darling hill station of Himalayas is also the perfect place for backpacking in India. The beauty at the foothills of Himalayas is stunning. This is the most popular hill station for all types of people especially for the honey moon couple. Lots of activities take place around Darjeeling.  You can enjoy the toy train; go for trekking, biking, rafting and just for walking. You can view Everest from here in its splendor.
  • Udaipur: Again a stunning city of Rajasthan offering complete cultural view of India, Udaipur has many attractions like forts, museums and palaces.  This is a beautiful city where both locals and foreigners visit every day.
  • Pushkar: This is the small town where the annual camel fair is very popular.
    Pushkar Lake

    Pushkar Lake

    This is actually an oasis town amidst the dry desert of Rajasthan. Schedule your stay during the popular camel fair so that you will not miss the friendliness and the Indian way of life.

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