Top theme and Spots for New Years Eve Festivity in India

New Year’s Eve is around the turn, and everyone is gearing up for big revelry. With people looking for new way to celebrate, analysis of vacations designed in India for December 20, 2013 – January 10, 2014 explores that beach and city places still remain the most well-liked choice for enjoying a New Year party.

Goa new year celebration

Fashionable bash destinations for New Year eve festivity:

Beach and city places are fashionable party choices this season with Goa, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong and Varkala in Kerala being the hot spots.

Goa is the apparent hot spot this new year, with vacationer heading to Morjim, Baga and Anjuna Beach in the party capital of Nation. Other seashore spot for this New Year are Pondicherry and Varkala in Kerala. The bistro and clubs in French Colony and fireworks display on the Promenade and lounges near the cliff overlooking Varkala Beach are popular among travellers.

Urban slickers have preferred metros to party into the New Year. Lower Parel, Juhu, Carter Road and Colaba for revelries and concert at fashionable lounge bars such as Blue Frog and Poison in Mumbai. Bungalow parties in Chattarpur, clubs in areas like Vasant Kunj, Saket and Chanakyapuri in Delhi and Park Street in Kolkata are the trending party places.

Unusual New Year experience:

Turn out to be a cultivator or a wine manufacturer for a day, here is your chance to celebrate New Year in an unusual way. You can endeavor your hands on the skill of cheese production at Acres feral, Coonoor or become a wine maker at Sula Vineyards, Nashik.

The Saharia natural Amla farmhouse, Sikar is a place where one can learn natural farming and its benefits, in addition just experience farm existing at Kadoli farms-eagle nest at gujarat. The Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, Nainital is the spot where one can rejoice New Year among colourful aves.

White New Year’s Eve celebration: Shimla, Auli, Gulmarg, Thanedar,

Have a good time a white new year has a unique charm and there are some surprise spots in India where one can enjoy the strange beauty of snow roofed peaks. From adrenaline junkies to those looking for a quiet New Year occurrence, below are the top 5 white New Year destinations this year.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh: here you can enjoy Mashobra vale and Shali Tibba tramp

Auli, Uttarakhand: Auli is rising as an imperative ski spot and many holiday makers are kick starting the New Year with a collide course in skiing from local private trainers.

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir: well-known for its gondola rides, enclosed by wooded hills and pasture, snow-covered peaks, deep rifts and valleys this beautiful site is a required New Year getaway.

Thanedar: Its is situated 80 km from Shimla, known as a fruit bowl of Himachal Pradesh, Thanedar is among one of the first places where gardening of apples started in India. Its apples are used in manufacturing lavenders, squashes and marinates.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh: This spot is very eminent for paragliding, so one can initiate the year by stirring the sky.

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Top 10 Travel Destinations in India – 2013

Top 10 Indian Travel destinations in 2013
Scroll below to see our pick of the top Indian travel destinations in 2013. Have a great holiday.

1. Jaisalmer

2. Bekal
Bekal Kerala

3. Wayanad District in the north-east of Kerala
Wayanad, Kerala

4. Coonoor hill station in Tamil Nadu
Coonoor Tamil Nadu

5. Tranquebar panchayat town in Nagapattinam district
Tranquebar Town

6. Tawang Arunachal Pradesh
Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

7. Coorg, popularly known as Scotland of India
Coorg, Karnataka

8. Andamans

9. Varkala coastal town

10. Kashmir

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All about money and cost in India

India is great for its budget traveling and sightseeing and is the most suitable for the middle class people.  Lastly, it can also accommodate the cheapest traveler and provide him the same satisfaction that the millionaires derive from India.

Value for the money in India

In general, Indians have the tendency to charge more for tourists than their local people. The standard expenditure is that a cup of tea can be bought for Rs. 5 in the streets and Rs.20 in the cafes. As far as the food is concerned, for Rs.60 to 100 you can get a nice good Indian meals and Rs. 50 to 10 is enough to get snacks on the streets. It is the best value for the money you spend in India.

Accommodation prices differ according to the season and the place you are going to stay. If you are ready to go a bit low then you can get a single room for Rs.100 and double room for Rs.200. These are called the budget hotels with communal shower and toilet. If you are lucky you can get a big and spacious room with all the facilities and in case you are not lucky enough then you may very well get the opposite for the same price. It may end up at any way and so travelers have to make a bit exploration and find a good one instead of adjusting with what they are offered initially.

Taxies and rickshaws demand a great portion of money from the foreign people. The trick is you have to inquire the normal prices and bargain for half the rate. After a hard bargain you can go for a 15 minutes rickshaw ride for Rs.60. The rule is that you must bargain and agree a price before you engage the services. Then only you have the chances of escaping from the greedy taxi and rickshaw drivers.

The public mode of transport is the best mode and is the cheapest mode to travel in India.

The total budget for a trip to India

It is very difficult to arrive at the exact calculations however a rough estimate can be made to have an idea. To lead life in India in the cheapest manner you need $70 per week. A budget between $100 and $200 for a week will grant you the nice accommodation with nice restaurants and nice transport facilities. Between $300 and $500 is great for the best things possible in a travel and stay in India.

Bartering in India

It is a very common thing in India except in bars and restaurants. Ask for the half of the price they offered you. As a general rule foreigners must not expect to get the same price as locals but however do not spend more than its worth..

Money exchange inWestern Union

Money exchange is easy and very conveniently done in India. Of course, when you go for the remote corners, small villages and mountain tops do not forget to have sufficient amount with you by doing a little bit of pre-planning. Beware of the middle men who may try to cheat you in exchanging money.

ATMs of India

Nowadays ATM machines are found everywhere in India. In addition, travelers’ cheques are the safest to travel in India.  However do not entirely depend on them. Have some cash also so that it will be handy where they do not accept cheques.

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4 Reasons to travel to India

Travelling to India, though has many cautious sides to it, has a lot of advantages to any human being born on earth. Due to the media propaganda regarding the poverty, pollution, noise and risk factors Indian tours raise a question and doubt that whether it is necessary to travel to India. This article explains about the reasons of travelling in India.

People and Culture

Glimpse of Indian culture

Indian population is more than 1.35 billion and is soon to overtake China within few years. The land area of India among the total world level is 2.4 percent and the population with respect to the global level it is 15 percent. Hence people here literally grow up on others due to the tight space and hence Indians are naturally tolerant.

India has a glorious past. The civilizations, the kings and kingdoms of the past were advanced in all aspects. They were mentally matured, spiritually fulfilled and intellectually far developed than the present Indian people. Abundant knowledge, faith, beliefs, habits and food were passed on from generation to generation as the greatest treasures.


landscape Mumbai

This is the greatest attraction for any tourist to visit India. The geography and the diverse landscape having endless contrasts inspire any traveler to visit India. It is a land with every type of physical features of earth is well exhibited. High mountains, low valleys, beautiful lush green forests, dreary deserts, vast stretch of plains, hills, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, islands and plateaus everything is there to enjoy thoroughly.

Mother Nature has bestowed generously the beauty to India that there is no limit for places with stunning natural sceneries. Mingled with beauty, there are thrill and mystery in the life style of Indians that foreign people cannot easily understand it in its true sense.

Sights and attractions

North Indian sights attractions

More than thousand years of glorious and rich history has made India a land with wonderful monuments, palaces, forts, museums, buildings, temples, caves, carvings and historic places. A tourist who understands India and has widely travelled it across the length and breadth of it cannot but wonder and cherish the moments in India.

From the most beautiful Taj Mahal to the massive Jodhpur fort, from the floating palace to the exotic rat temple, the visitor has no choice but to revel on the fascinating and innovating attractions of India. After visiting these with just a small trip on the bus will take him to the fantastic cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora.

What is there on the printed versions is only very little. Actually numerous places, that are not covered by the books, carry wonders with them in India just like that. Each village has something to offer to the human being and to the next generation to preserve.

Travelling to India must be done in a more relaxed manner since it will take numerous trips to cover the most important things and to understand the people and their background.


Again Indian food has different varieties in it reflecting the various regional specialties. In general foreign people whoever thinks of Indian food will think of a spicy and hot food. The varieties are so many that each and every family will differ with their way of cooking. They have a unique style and taste to follow. Mothers will hand over the taste of the family specialty to their daughters like an asset to preserve for the next generation.

Moreover, Indian food is very much health oriented food. Their ingredients and their way of preparation equal medicinal preparation. Indian food is good for the Indian people. People once tasted good Indian food will never forget that taste.

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Attractive Places to Visit in India

India is a land of mystery and has many wonders for those who visit her the first time. There are numerous popular and non-popular places that can attract tourist people from all over the world.

India attractive places

Agonda Beach: This beach is just 8 miles away from the Palolem beach. One of the nicest beaches of India where a vast stretch of white sand with a couple of wooden shacks welcome the visitors. This is mostly a non-crowded one and so tourists can enjoy the beauty in a calm atmosphere.

Agra: A popular tourist destination of India where there is the romantic Taj Mahal and many other historical buildings to see and enjoy.

Arambol Beach:  This beach and the nearby village located at the far North of Goa make it perfect for an ideal stay from the humdrum noise of the city.

Arjuna: This is a popular center for partying near Goa. The hippy culture of 1970s made this as the freak capital supplying sun, sand and party.

Baga Beach: Also near the Goa this place houses a quiet calm and sandy beach. This is a favorite destination of the tourists.

Darjeeling: Darjeeling is at the foothills of the Himalayas and is one of the beautiful summer and hill resorts of India. It is a very popular tourist destination with its beautiful surroundings and natural sceneries.

Delhi: The capital of India, though not a popular tourist destination, has many historically important places, buildings and monuments for the visitors to see. It is really an extraordinary place to visit where different cultures meet.

Goa: The real little heaven in the Western Coast of India is the most popular tourist destination among the foreign people. Goa and the surrounding beaches along with its beautiful villages offer a never ending attraction tot eh visitors.

Hampi: This is located in the southern state of Karnataka. This place is the historical remains of the Hampi city once a flourishing and popular capital city of Vijayanagar Empire now stands as a the inspiration for many poets and novelists. The few remains itself stand as the testimony for the great beauty of the ‘Virupaksha temple’ and other monuments must have had.

Jaipur: Popularly known as the ‘pink city’ is in the district of Rajasthan. It has very beautiful palaces and buildings. It is the most picturesque city in the desert area and is a popular tourist destination.

Kerala Tours: A tour among the popular places of Kerala is a thrilling experience to many.  The lush green tea plantations and the stunning backwaters along with the natural sceneries make the whole of Kerala a wonderful land not to be missed at any cost.

Kerala House boats: The most relaxing tour will be a trip to the Kerala in the house boats along the beautiful backwaters.

Kovalam Beach: Have you ever heard of doing nothing and doing everything? This beach with its fantastic natural settings is capable of offering this perfect balance.

Mysore: One of the nicest cities of India in Bangalore this place has everything in it. Museums, palaces, markets, temples, garden, parks, popular shops and everything a city needs however there is no usual noise and tension of the usual modern city. This is a typical Indian city.

Munnar: A popular hill station located in Kerala state has beautiful tea plantations, waterfalls and rivers. A must see place where nature has bestowed plenty of its treasures to this one place.

Puri: With its famous ‘Puri Jaganath’ temple and its stunning sunsets along with its fantastic atmosphere this city offers a real cultural feast to its visitors.

Udaipur: Located in Rajasthan provides a spell bound and spectacular experience to its visitors with its fantastic palaces, monuments and great mahals.

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How to explore varanasi path to reach God with prayers and rituals

Varanasi being the oldest city of India and world’s oldest populated city is also known as Kashi and Benares.  This city is considered as one of the most popular pilgrimage places of the Hindus filled with lots of beliefs and ritual prayers.  The Hindu pilgrims believe that Holy River Ganges, the purified water, cleans the souls of sinners. They believe that this place is the heavenly place to attain ‘moksha’ which means no cycle of rebirth.

On the Ghats of the river Ganges, many people who are in their death beds are awaiting for their death as they want their cremation to be done on the river banks.  The belief in this is that they will not again take a new birth after their death and their soul will reach directly the feet of the God.

Varanasi city map

The old city of Varanasi is a stretch away from the River Ganges.  Though the old city is the most populated one, the interesting part of the city is the Dasaswamedh Ghat.  This Ghat is the busiest and the centre of all ghats among the 100 other ghats on the banks of river Ganges.

Transport facilities to reach Varanasi


You can reach the Dasaswamedh Ghat, the old city which is on the west side of the Varanasi railway station or Varanasi Cantonment by catching a auto rickshaw outside the station.  The bus terminal is also very close to the old city.  The distance between the old city and the airport is 16 miles.

Places to visit and rituals to follow in Varanasi

Kashi Vishwanth Temple

The holiest temple of India is the Kashi Vishwanth Temple of Varanasi which is also known as the Golden Temple.  Lord Shiva is the main god of this place who is known by the name Kashi Viswanath.  The Durga temple, the temple of Goddess Durga is also another famous temple of the city.  Due to the increasing number of monkeys found hanging in this temple, it is also known as the Monkey Temple.  An auto rickshaw ride of about 8 miles from Varanasi is the Sarnath where a stupa is found.  This is the place where Lord Buddha gave his religious preaching to his followers in the Deer park.

To get an amazing view of the ghats and the temples ride on a boat and go around on the river Ganges during the time of sunrise.  The live showcase of the cremation will be seen on the ghats of ‘Manikarnika’ with more rituals.  It is the place of cremation and ashes were found in that place.  The Kedar ghat is the place for taking bath.

During the evening hours, a holy prayer will be held in the Dasaswamedh Ghat with more bangs and sounds.  A ceremony of prayers, chanting, bell ringing, banging of drums will go on.  More lights through lamps and camphor lighting rituals are shown to the River Ganges as a part of performing ‘Puja’ or ‘prayer’ to Holy River Ganges.

The place to stay in Varanasi

Lahurabir house Varanasi

You can rent a Ganpati guest house or Shiva Kashi guest house where you can have a view of the river Ganges.  Towards the north of the Varanasi railway station, you can find some international hotels to stay.  Lahurabir is also the place close to the railway station with budgeted hotels and three star hotels.

Visit Varanasi at least once in your life time to enjoy the soul stirring holy prayers and rituals.

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Things to take when travelling to India

Of course, India is not at Arctic Circle or in Mongolia. It is a fast developing country and you can buy anything you want there itself.   However, things are not always the same in India and remember it is a country full with contradictions and lots of peculiarities.  This article discusses about the things that should be taken to India to make the trip an enjoyable one.


These are the essential things to be taken with you. Many of them are small items but very important at times of need. Though you can buy them in India, as already said, things may turn up making it difficult to purchase immediately.

  • Clothes: One pair of shorts and two pairs of trousers which are lightweight along with several sets of underwear must be taken. In addition, a warm jumper, a shirt and to t-shirts and sun glasses are the essential clothes in this list.
  • Backpack: In case you are under a luxury trip and your trip is a very short one lasting only few days, you can take a suit case. Otherwise it is better to take a back pack which is strong, robust and a comfortable one. An extra rucksack of smaller size will be a good idea to make use of it when you are spending days out.
  • Shoes: High quality trainers which are breathable are the ideal footwear and also take a pair of flip flops.
  • Toiletries: With regard to toiletries do not bring any electric items. Tooth brush and paste, ear plugs, sun cream, small travel towel, razor and cream or foam, insect repellant and any other personal things are to be taken with you. For women, tampons are very essential and cannot be purchased anywhere in India. Most of them except feminine hygiene things can be procured in India but Indian equivalent products may bring disappointment to you.
  • First Aid Kit: This is very essential while travelling in India even though there are lots of pharmacies available in India. Prepare a small travel size first aid kit that contains bandages, plasters, antibiotics, Imodium, antiseptic lotion or cream, calamine lotion, cotton wall of smaller size, paracetamol, rehydration salts, water sterilization tablets, tweezers, sticky tape and sharp scissors. Prescription medicines can be bought in India since they are very cheap there however make sure the particular variety is available in India.
  • Lock and Chain: A lightweight bicycle chain and a quality padlock are very essential to give peace of mind while you travel within India especially on buses and trains.
  • Sleeping bag Liner: Do not take a sleeping bag itself since they may be extremely useless in India however you can take sleeping bag liner will be very useful.
  • Camera: The most essential one to make your trip in India a memorable one is your camera. There is no need to take an expensive one. A simple point and shoot is enough. Do not forget to take a spare battery. India is one of the most picturesque countries of the world and your travel without camera is a shame.
  • Money:  The total amount you need to take depends on your budget. However do not depend on one form of money. Have a good mixture of them. Travelers cheques, debit as well credit cards and hard cash – all these are essential and keep them in separate places. Always have some money attached with your body and some in the bag.

Apart from these essential things you may take the non-essential things like mosquito net, mp3 player, books, note books and laptops to make your trip to India an enjoyable one.

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Mumbai – Capture it within 24 hours

It is not fair to visit Mumbai the commercial capital of India in a single day. However, tourists who are under time pressure can make the visit of this exotic city somewhat a success if they plan properly. The pleasant view of the morning sea shore, roadside sweet and snack stalls, A to Z markets with bargains, high class cafes and the nightlife of the city – everything can be captured to get a memorable experience.

Bandra – Ideal place to spend your dawn

Bandra Worli sealink

Bandra is famous for the 200 years old traditional colonial houses with big church crosses on their top. The walls are decorated with drapes of urban art in weird colors to give a charming look. Tasting the hot morning mud pot ‘chai’ and taking a fresh breath of the aroma of the baked blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls and breads from the A one Bakery on the Hill road are the specialty in Bandra. The morning breakfast can be done with omelets, bacon, pancakes and many more in the salt water café at the junction of the Lilavati Hospital. The Carter Road along the sea is very much familiar for the people who go for the morning jog and walk.

Dharavi – The World’s largest slum area

Garbage dumpin at Dharavi

Till the mid of the day, you can visit Dharavi, the place of world’s largest slum. The visit to Dharavi will bring before your eyes, the world’s famous film, Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. More collectively the streets of Dharavi are filled with small slum area houses, workshops, small businesses and leather tanneries. The shopping spot for the leather goods from the tanneries of Dharavi is the narrow streets near Sion Bandra Link Road. Vada Pao is an important and famous item to have in between the daytime snacks. It is the spicy potato cutlet filling in between the huge sized buns which is very famous for the mid morning road side snacks of the people of Mumbai.

Visit to Washer Men’ Colony

washer men colony

A fleet of white clothes with the smell of detergent is the main identity of Washer men Colony near Mahalakshmi Railway station. This place is where the city’s laundry service is done. The huge washing stones and the array of wide variety of white clothes washed, dried and neatly ironed is the landmark of this area.  The workers of this washer men colony help most of the hotels in Mumbai to get their hotels bedclothes and their guest clothes washed maintained more cleanly and neatly.

Another interesting thing of importance in this area is the Dabbawalas which you can see at the time of 11 A.M. They are the gathering of men with huge different colored and coded lunch boxes prepared and packed readily to deliver them to thousands of people working in the nearby offices and this is another source of work for this area people.

The Chor Bazaar:

Apart from the regular market, sells the theft articles in an open market regularly on every Friday from 4.30 A.M. The other goods sold here includes the oriental arts and craft products, old furniture’s, vehicle spare parts,  posters and personal items of Bollywood film stars etc. Only the people with good bargaining capacity can fetch more articles at profitable values.

The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India

This monument of historic importance and Mumbai’s identity was built by the British and is the most attractive place to visit. The other interesting places to visit are the fort area with buildings in colonial style, Jahangir art gallery, Marine Drive etc.

The evening walk along the marine drive, the interesting spot of the city is a memorable one. The entire view of the marine drive will be in the shape of the moon when viewed from the roof top of the intercontinental restaurant ‘Dome’.

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Beware of the irritants and inconveniences of India

India is a great country which must be visited at least once in your lifetime. It has its own beauty and people living in this country have unique characteristics that make them the most charming personalities of the earth. Though India has plenty of plus points and great things to relish and to recommend to this world, it has its minus points too and it is very much necessary for the foreign people who travel to India must be aware of them so that they can be cautious and enjoy their trip.

Travel tips

Theft: Though India is not a violent country and there is no need to afraid of too serious crimes, there are lots of small irritants that any foreigner has to overcome them. Thefts are the most common things in India. Thieves will be lurking in every corner and whenever the tourist is not vigilant, they are ready to take away anything they can make away with. If you are careful then there is no need to worry against losing your things. Following are some tips to avoid thefts in India

  • In the busy places, make sure your bag is properly locked and while sitting have them attached with your body. Do not place them near you without touching them. This will avoid the snatchers or grabbers.
  • Do not leave your things alone anywhere. In case you need to part them, entrust them with someone you can trust.
  • While traveling on public transports like buses or trains, keep the bag attached with the bicycle chain very close by so that it cannot be taken away when you doze off.
  • Usage of money belts will keep you safe in the foreign place. Keeping things in your pocket is also not recommended since there are so many talented thieves who can rip off the pockets and its contents while you sleep.
  • Wherever you stay, replace the locks with your own or use extra padlocks of your own to the doors and cup boards. Close all windows securely before you leave the room.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and be cautious against the pick pockets.
  • Expensive watches and cameras are sure things that will get disappear somehow. So it is better not to wear those things. Instead wear cheaper items so that you need not worry on the loss.
  • Staring eyes: This is something you have to bear with. Learn to be patient and try not to get angry towards the innocent people who stare you as if you are at an alien or a thing kept at museum.
  • Helping tendency: Beware of the Indian tendency that when you ask them something like directions or some clarifications, they will never say ‘NO’ to you even if they do not know the answer. Their behavior will greatly irritate you.
  • Crowd behavior: This is the funniest thing in India. In the railway stations there will be more than thousand people trying to get tickets all at the same time. Lining up or standing in queues, though they know it, is not for the Indians. Be prepared to get pushed, squeezed and to come out of shape. Then only you can get a ticket. Do not hesitate to behave in rough manner or speak out or quarrel like little children. Indians do not have hard feelings in this matter. Instead after a rough and tough conversation, you may end up with good relationship or an invitation to their house.
  • Time sense:  Indians have no time sense at all. Getting late hours together is very common. Most of the shops in South India close for lunch and they do not bother to open up again promptly. They will say you just 10 minutes but it will take many long hours.
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Wonders of Wonderful India

India is a country full with both natural and of man-made wonders. Each small village has something wonderful to offer to the humanity that when you count the list it will be miles long. However, here are some man made wonders from India for you to guide while visiting the country.

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal india

The first on the list and the ultimate wonder of India is Taj Mahal built on the banks of Yamuna by the emperor Shah Jahan. Words cannot express the beauty and photos cannot show you the reality.  Only through personal visit one can understand the sacrifice behind the building and can enjoy the beauty.  It is one of the UNESCO world heritages from 1983. It is the master piece of Mughal architecture.

The Golden TempleThe Golden Temple

This is the most sacred temple of the Sikhs, situated in Amritsar, Punjab state of India. It stands as the symbol for Sikh freedom independence all through the world. The beautiful carved doors of this Golden Temple take you to a bridge that leads to the main building. This is dedicated for Sri Harmindar Sahib. The building is over 21 feet wide and 200 feet long. The pool that surrounds the temple was created by Guru Ram Das, the fourth guru of Sikhs.

Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery

This is considered as the strangest among the wonders of India.  It has been constructed at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. The monastery acts as the center for Buddhism and for Buddhist cultural studies.  The total building contains of three floors sprawling around 140 sq. meters. The Golden Buddha statue which is about 8.3 meters height at the center of the monastery is the great attraction.  Around 70 residential buildings belong to this monastery.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort

This fort occupies most of the city Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Located at Thar Desert, this fort has witnessed many battles between kings of Rajasthan. The other name of this fort is Golden Fort.

This majestic wonder of India is so large that during the battles the whole population of the city lived inside. As a new comer, you can go round the walls of the fort and get lost without able to find the main entrance. Such is its massive size. You can also view hundreds of miles around the fort by standing on top of the fort. Pakistan borders can also be seen easily.  It was originally a sandstone building built in 1156 AD on the hills of Trikata. Sadly now the fort is at the collapsing stage.

Red Fort

Red Fort Delhi

This is a must see wonder of India. It is at the capital city of Delhi, India. The highest point of this fort is 33 meters in height and the minimum is 16 meters. The total stretch of the wall is 2.5 km. The Mughal emperor Shah Jaghan built it in 1639 AD. This is the most impressive one among all other forts of India.

Red Fort of New Delhi has the special honor that on 15th August of every Independence Day, the prime minister of India will host the Indian flag from its top.

Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

From 65 kms of Bhubaneswar, capital of Orissa in India and from 35 kms of the seaside town Puri, the Sun Temple stands as one of the religious wonders of India. The design of the temple is a marvelous one that any tourist who visits India must not miss the Temple.

The whole temple is designed as a massive chariot. Seven horses and 24 wheels each with 11 feet diameter make it a complete picture of grandeur. The temple is built to represent the God Surya, the Sun.  This is also a UNESCO world heritage center.

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