Tips to plan a visit to Cultural Sites of India

India is a country filled with unbelievable cultural atmosphere. Since the climate is moderate during March to July, it is better to avoid visiting India during these months. Either Cultural Tours India or vacation tours to different parts of India like North India, or South India, etc. make sure that you gather information about the major cultural spots there and the right timing to stay.

golden temple

darshan of Golden temple

Seven best ideas to plan your cultural tour:

  1. If it is a 10 day trip, make your plan in such a way that you spend 4 days to visit all the cultural and tourists’ attractions in North India, and spend 4 days to visit South India.
  2. Some of the important cultural places in Northern part of India are The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Thar Desert in Rajasthan, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Konark Sun Temple, etc.
  3. You can also specifically arrange your cultural trip to India, by visiting only the temples in India. It will be a very exciting experience to visit only the different temples in India, like Tirupati Balaji Temple, Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, Jagannath Temple, Rishikesh in Northern India, etc. One can learn a lot about the cultural specifications from the sculptures in and around the temples and the various construction patterns in which the temples are built.
  4. Another way to make your cultural trip to India is to visit major cultural attractions all over India within 10 days. If you can spend 12 to 15 days you can cover almost all tourist places as well.
  5. Browse to learn the important cultural attractions and then look for the latest travel deals which can cover as many places as possible. You can plan your holiday on themes like sightseeing, adventurous and traditional places visit and then cover all the related places.
  6. Browse for the best hotels with package offers. Be sure to compare the packages and check out for the services that hotels offer through their reviews in order to get best deal with best services.
  7. Make sure of the availability of visiting hours[dharsan] timings , if you are particular about visiting major temples in North India and South India

It is a wonderful experience to visit India with an intention to enjoy the cultural flavor. One can enjoy as well as learn lot about history and civilization of Indian people. One can also find the variety of cultural trends in different parts of India, for example the food varies from place to place.

If you would like to enjoy the colorful scenario of India’s rich cultural heritage, you can plan your visit during the festive months of September to January. Since the climate is moderate during March to July, it is better to avoid visiting India during these months.

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