Travel Guide for Andaman Nicobar Island

Located equidistant between India and Burma in the Bay of Bengal is pea green islands, atolls and rocks famous for the Andaman Nicobar Islands. As per Hindu myth the name of the place has been extracted from Handuma or Hanuman. It is said that Hanuman used to step over these miniature Islands on his way to rescue Sita spouse of Lord Ram.andaman island

Generally known to the “authentic Backyard of Eden” and a “paradise of nature” the gorgeous diminutive and gigantic islands and pure waters of Andaman Nicobar India are house of nonstop assortment of plant life and aquatic life. The long spreads of white dusty sand are scattered with several curved formed virgin beaches that are capped with dense orchard of coconut palm and casuarinas trees. The awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the fresh atmosphere, exhilarating voyage sports, and the affectionate generosity of the people of Andaman Nicobar Island fascinate a number of lovers of nature and vacation makers from all over the world.

Tourism in Andaman Nicobar

The Andaman Nicobar tour provides several alternatives for some marvelous exciting activity. It is a promising by way of the leading venture sport location in India. The untouched iridescent water of the Bay of Bengal is ideal for exhilarating water destinations consists of swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling etc.

Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar

The most preferential time to make a trip of Andaman Nicobar Island is from November to April for, the weather is somewhat enjoyable in these months. Tourists scheduling to go on the tour of Andaman Nicobar, a rather small moist and hot state of affairs can be expected after February. December and January is believed to be the climax season to visit Andaman Nicobar tour.

Attractions Andaman Nicobar

Andaman Nicobar contains some of the most reputed tourist locations that consist of Bangaram Island, Samudrika Museum, and Cellular Jail. Gandhi Park, Water Sports, Anthropological Museum and many more.

How to Reach Andaman Nicobar

You can reach Andaman Nicobar by Air, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi provides domestic airlines regularly to Port Blair in Andaman Nicobar Island from the leading cities of India. You can reach here by Sea also. Port Blair and Haddo Jetty receive around three to four ships from Calcutta and Chennai on the mainland.

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