A Visit to Kanha National Park

Kanha National park is situated on the bank of Banjar and Halon valleys at Mandla in the district of Blight of Madhya Pradesh; Kanha National Park is one of the most excellent tiger treasuries on India. The length of Kanha National Park is about 940 sq km that is molded in a horse shoe formed valley restrain from the goad of the Mekal range; the park portrays a distinctive topography. Kanha National Park is mainly known to its wildlife. The natural look of its landscape beautifies it just like enchanting that makes it one of the finest locations to get pleasure from the natural beauty.

Kanha also is to have leading populations of the tigers in the country. Some other big animal species available in the park are wild boar leopard sloth bear jackal and various types of monkeys. More than 200 spices of birds have been speckled in the park. There are several folk lore regarding Kanha, the area is named for Kanha a holy forest astute, who lived here once Shakuntla and Bharat’s story was narrated in our legends.

kanha national park

kanha tiger reserve

The government got the Kanha National Park created in 1955 by an special law and ever since then it has devoted itself to protect the assortment of animal species. It was affirmed a Tiger preserve in 1974 and ever since has been invariable vigilence, preservation and management activities are being fulfilled with integrity. No other vacation trip can reclaim and get back to your life like Kanha. You can’t imagine how wonderful and refreshing it is. The hazy silence of the deep forests will give you lucidity and peace of mind as you will have experience never before.

The area where the Kanha National Park is situated now was ever the paradise of sportsman, Dunbar Brander described in his classic book with detail about it, Wild Animals in Central India. This territory had various dissimilar game as you may have got opportunity to visit in the best parts of Africa many years ago about. During North India Tour you will get a great opportunity to visit about 1,500 head including eleven species leisurely walk in the evening.

Kanha was reasonably was famous by now and the executives usually kept considering to enlarge its confined area. As a result encompassing area’s land incessantly continued to add and today the Kanha Tiger Reserve spread out in 1,945 sq. km. All water sources are ended away in hot and dry summer more over recurrent reservoir and streams. There is one such lake named Shravan Tal near the main meadow. It is said that the king of Ayodhya Raja Dasrath shot an arrow to a deer but unintentionally took a young man named Shravan and he died on the bank of this lake, therefore, the lake was named after Shravan. For which he and his family remunerated heavy persona price.

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