A Wildlife Safari in Bandipur

Bandipur, one of India’s optimum tiger sanctuaries, offers much to the discerning wildlife fanatic. Bandipur is located approx 80 km from Mysore (about 230 km from Bangalore). Lodging is offered at the forest guest houses within the park and at the government-run Jungle Lodges just outside the park gates as well.

Brows through some amazing view of Bandipur national park

1. Male Tiger

Tiger finding its way to the lake

Tiger finding its way to the lake


2. Chitals testing power  




3. Spotted Deer

Spotted Deer

Spotted Deer


4. Indian Gaur

Indian Gaur


5. Male Leopard

Male Leopard


6. Hiding behind Mom

Young dear hinding behind mom


7. Sambar Dear, the favorite prey of the tiger.

Sambar Deer


8. Grey Francolin, 

Grey Francolin

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