February cheapest month to fly for Indian Traveller: Skyscanner

International travel search site Skyscanner has published a release its ‘Best Time to Book’ inclusive data study, which reveals when to book flights and average fares, to help clients to accumulate money on their travel in 2014. According to the study, the lowest-priced flight tickets from India are offered 22 weeks in advance of travel on an average

However 3 years of booking data also illustrates that cost patterns can differ by type of airline and distance of travel and so is destination-dependent. Further, February is the cheapest month to travel and Indian customers can suppose to accumulate 18 per cent on flight costs on usual, while booking 22 weeks in advance would result in savings of around 15 per cent on average.

As report by Kavitha Gnanamurthy, Senior Marketing executive for India, Skyscanner, “The earlier in proceed you book, the better. It is also imperative to remind that costs canThe cheapest flight tickets from India in fact increase at the last minute, particularly on budget airlines.”

“Clients have to realize that they are taking a gamble if they wait until closer to departure before booking and may find that they have missed the best flight prices. Our study suggests that the best mode to get a flight at the competitive price is to prepare ahead and do your explore,” Gnanamurthy added.

The most appropriate time to reserve a flight for long-haul places such as; the United Kingdom & closer nations counting the UAE and Singapore is twelve weeks in advance.

Indian travelers can also save a large amount on flights to Australia and Thailand if they book 16 weeks before of their leaving date, it added.

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