Temples of Love Khajuraho

khajuraho temples

khajuraho temples

Khajuraho is a small village with even less moderate population. The inhabitants lived here and there around the forest. But when the two remarkable temples were kept ready for visitors, the whole place had been transformed into a busy town. It was by the hard work of the Chandela Rajputs who took the effort in constructing the temples in the middle of 9th century. Khajuraho remained the capital of Chandelas and also stood as the main religious center. Lots and lots of information can be given about the internal and external structures, sculptures of the Temples of Love Khajuraho.

The temples reflected the belief of Tantrik Mysticism which considered sex as an important feel for human beings to attain the full essence in life. The temples there are ample erotic art works depicted. Inside the temple the carvings of deities had been depicted tremendously. If you notice carefully all the carvings reflect the life cycle of human beings like human bodies, love making, life style, activities of men and women, etc. Some carvings depicts women engaged in dressing, some depicts musicians, farmers, folk, mundane things in life, etc.

Since, majority of the sculptures depict the scenes related to mundane activity in human life and also reflects erotic sexual implication, this temple best illustrates the architectural beauty rather than of religious significance. It was believed that more than 85 temples must have been there, however, due to dimness and less attention paid on maintenance only 20 temples survive in spite of climatic changes. The temples have been categorized into eastern and western groups pertaining to the sub sects in Hindu religion.

Some of the temples to be visited to enjoy architectural and sculptural beauty are

  1. Lakshmana Temple
  2. Kandariya Mahadeo Temple
  3. Devi Jagadamba Temple
  4. Lakshmi and Varaha Temple
  5. Chausath Yogini Temple
  6. VIshvanath and Nandi Temple

Temples in Khajuraho that belonged to western group are

  1. Chitragupta Temple
  2. Brahma and Haunman Temple
  3. The Jatkari Temple

Temples that belong to the Eastern group are

  1. Ghantai Temple
  2. Vamana Temple
  3. Javari Temple

Chattarbhuj Temple is the exclusive temple in Khajuraho which does not contain any sculpture depicting the concept of love making.

The religious aspect tends to reflect two major sub divisions of Hindu. One could find themes of both Shaivism and Vaishnavism of Hinduism, and Jainism and Tantrism sculptured in interior and exterior as well. As far as the architectural beauty is concerned, depictions in Khajuraho contains sculptures of various deities, their helpers, extraterrestrial maidens [a blend of human and animal body structure], all personified in postures provocative of love.

The sculptures of couples represented in erotic postures reflect love in art form. Similarly, depictions of musicians, dancers, and couples involved in love also carry the fine embodiment of art work. Since, the sculptures represent more of human love life, Khajuraho is considered as a temple of love.

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