The Heritage Mosques of Cochin

Cochin is a very popular port city in the coastal area of Malabar in Kerala. This place is also known for the oldest mosques that carry the beauty of historical facts, splendid architecture, and religion as well. Since, it is a coastal region; this place remained a center of attraction for several maritime trades along the Indian Ocean. The trade relations with other countries stood a significant reason for other religious and cultural influences such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam into India via Cochin. As a result of other religious impact some of the very old mosques in Cochin bear a historical significance too.

ponnani juma masjid in cochin

ponnani juma masjid in cochin

In fact, in India initial construction of mosques began in Cochin which paved the way for them to be considered as a symbol of heritage. Nowadays many tourists visit Cochin for this experience that reminds them of olden days of India, as that heritage has been very well preserved in Cochin. Cochin is a place filled with coconut palms, and it is a fantastic sight to visit these mosques constructed in places surrounded by coconut trees. The atmosphere where the mosques have been constructed brings a sense of calmness and you feel you are sitting in the lap of Mother Nature. Hence the mosques are called as the heritage mosques of Cochin.

Famous Mosques in and around Cochin

Cheraman Juma Masjid – it is one of the oldest mosques in Cochin. This mosque was built by Man like Bin Dinar, who is one among the followers of Prophet Mohammad. The king Cheraman Perumal patronized Muslim religion; hence, this mosque contains the influence of Hinduism. One could identify the Hindu temple structural style in it. For example, in this mosque people use a brass oil lamp, light scented sticks that are usually used by Hindus. The pulpit is made of rosewood and contains carvings resembling a Hindu temple.

Kanjiramatton Mosque- located about 25km from Cochin; this mosque is a typical illustration that shows the beauty of antique styles of architecture followed in mazhars and dargahs, a worship place for Muslims.

Ponnani Juma Masjid- Located in the northern part of Cochin, this masque was built about 1500 years back. Historical records say that this mosque had been built tin response to Portuguese to show the power of Muslims in trade.

The Calvathy Mosque- it is situated nearby the Calvathy canal which served as the connecting point between Europeans and Indians for trade relations.

Madeena Masjid- Situated in Ernakulam of Cochin this mosque has been widely used as a place of managing foreign trade and business establishments.

Architectural Significance

The mosques in Cochin especially bear its uniqueness in the architectural pattern it followed. The workmanship in each mosque reflects the type of place, the materials available in that place, and the culture. All these factors decide the kind of materials that were used for construction. The structure of the mosques reflected the indigenous buildings; hence, typical large wood-framed pyramidal roofs could be identified in the mosques’ structure. Similarly, one could see the craftsmanship made in wood like the natives adapt for their housing.

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