Top Ten Places to Go in 2013

India is rich cultural country with diversity not only in regional beauty but also in climate, religious, customs, traditions and ethnicity. India is a land of 200 different exclusive languages. Now if you are welcoming the New Year 2013 with an amorous holidays and tours in rich cultured India then below in this article are provided some tremendous Top Ten Places to go in 2013. Have a look -

  1. Agra – Well undoubtedly there are numerous places to visit in India but one tourist attraction that will always be a core attraction for every kind of tourist,
    artistic lover or a nature lover or even adventure lover, will be the mighty Taj Mahal in Agra. Taj, the symbol of eternal love and remarkable beauty is one such masterpiece of India that just leaves the viewer speechless.

  1. Rajasthan – Rajasthan or we should say Royal Rajasthan is just all about lavishing monuments, splendid pungent cultural diversity, affluent ancient heritage and different colors of old customs and traditions. Just visit this ancient traditional beauty to experience the remarkable forts and palaces, ubiquitous dancing, luculent music, ardent culture, superb manners along with world renowned cuisine.

  1. Goa – Well if you are an adventure lover and have a soft corner for natural beauty as well as a sea lover then Goa is undeniably the best place in India for you to visit. This is the best place to visit for having fun, exciting venture and exquisite enjoyment.
  2. Himachal Pradesh – This is unquestionably the heaven on earth for those who love cold hilly areas. Visit DharamShala, Maclodganj, Bhagsunaag, Kangra and many more elegant hilly areas.
  3. Amritsar – If you are a tradition lover and want to make a visit to some sacred and consecrated places then you can opt for the great Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar in Punjab. This is the most important spiritual place of the Sikh community.
  4. Leh Ladakh – Ladakh is the capital of Leh which lies close to the eastern part of beautiful Jammu and Kashmir. The natural beauty, gorgeous landscapes of Leh and awesome monasteries just make bewitch the visitors with its fervent yet elegant attractiveness.
  5. The Glorifying Kerala – Kerala is famous for covetous lagoons and outstanding lakes that lie analogous to the enormous Arabian Sea coast. Moreover visit Kerala for prominent Ayurveda tours.
  6. Kashmir – Though this extraordinary place is famous for political controversies yet its rich cultural and eminent natural beauty cannot be avoided. A must watch pleasing to the eye beauty.
  7. Ajanta Caves – Ajanta Caves are finely conserved murals that incorporates from sailing ships to battlefield, snow capped mountains to city streets to teeming animal filled forests.
  8. Andaman Nicobar Islands – One of my favorite and delicately beautiful places to visit for an extraordinary experience.
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